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Who We Are?

Qalumguru is an E-Learning project funded by ICT R&D. The basic purpose of this project is the provision of e-learning material to rural areas, distinct areas and schools focusing low income community. It centers on early education with a special focus on psychological disorders.

Qalumguru provides Computer Based Trainings (CBTs) through visual tutorials and lectures, furthermore, it allows assessment through different games. Our E-learning university guides learners from kindergarten to 5th Grade. This E-learning project delivers response analysis engine for early identification of psychological disorders and a measure about the I/Q and E/Q of each student.

Our devotion is to introduce and establish a uniform learning environment for a better and prosperous future in our country’s basic education system. We aim to deliver a computer-based teaching material considering the latest research and ongoing, also widespread practices in leading private schools of the country. Toddler’s University has developed a platform to diminish the gap between the out world modern era of education and the children of Pakistan for whom learning, teaching and schooling have been inaccessible. We are aiming to create a propitious and beneficial training with our best practices and efforts in a healthy environment.

What we do?

Majority of the children in Pakistan are deprived of quality education and schooling resulting in paramount and significant difficulty of an individual’s personality and confidence. These visible problems and hurdles end up being an immense complication for them. Eventually, poverty or lack of resources barriers their passion for pursuing their education. Correspondingly, young one’s suffering from learning disabilities does not have any flourishing platform, where they can find what makes them unique.

Our objective is to educate children through technology trends and computer-based teachings. These includes creative and innovative ideas, elaborated and expressed through artistic together with ingenious graphics and best practices. We aim to find out deprived children and the ones with learning disabilities as well. Elaborating further, our concept is based on e-content and games with graphics, also on the assessment and practices which are designed and established by a cognitive interaction of trained teachers and psychologists. The computer based training is constructed on the bases of assistance of teachers, videos, audios and visual content learning making free standardized education at an early age.

The main focus is to figure out the children with psychological issues. Eliminating hurdles and obstacles which create problems in their learning abilities. The stated opinion and views are implemented by assessment and screening through an evaluation based system. Furthermore, a groundbreaking companion for the children and their parents and for those who can flourish their abilities. In addition, this will build up confidence with passion creating a bright future ahead with a solid footprint.

Meet Our Team

Our Professional Experts


Prof. Dr. Tamim Ahmed Khan


Syed Hassan Tanvir


Rida Hashmi

Sr. Software Developer

Amina Rafaqat

Graphic Designer


Game Developer

Sohail Ahmed

Game Developer

Ayza Ghazanfar

Graphic Designer

Sanum Zafar

Subject Inharge
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